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Happy Octoberween!

After a month of not posting an episode, Ryan, Caleb and Theresa are back with stories to share, opinions to debate and a writing challenge to embark on!


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Episode 59


Ryan and Justin sit down to have a follow up chat with the gents of Go Go Buffalo about new things the band is trying, being nominated for awards and a potential music video! Also, Justin has some news and Ryan learns to count!

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Episode 57

Ryan and Justin take a field trip to the Backstage Cafe in Covingtion, KY (The Backstage Cafe) to check out the Comedy Open Mic Night. There were a lot of funny interesting folks, and the guys get a chance to sit down with Kyle Fields, Trevor Day, Faith Mueller, Chris Siemer and Drew Mullins! Be sure to look them all up on facebook and their individual social media platforms! It's the Write Idea!

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Episode 54

Halloween is here again, and this year the Write Idea Workshop is joined by spectacular writing blogger and artist Morgan Heiss to talk about horror movies that don't get the props they rightfully deserve.

Give it a listen and be sure to check out Morgan's blogs:
Slithering Ink -

Through the Iris -


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Episode 53

The Write Idea Workshop accidentally took a hiatus, so this double-sized episode is a step in the right direction to make up for it. In this episode, Ryan and Justin discuss all the new comic book shows that started up this season, as well as some tips for flexing your creative muscles and Justin talks with some fantastic authors at a book festival!

All this, plus writing challenges and the third part of our continued Segmented Story Challenge! Give it a listen!

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Episode 52

Ryan and Justin sit down with 4/5's of the band PHOUL PHILL ANDT GUILL to talk about their influences, how every song is a story, and what it's like to be a band that can't be pigeonholed.

Check out their facebook page:  and catch them wherever they're playing!

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The Write Idea Workshop Episode 49
In this episode of the show, Ryan and Justin embark on breaking down 10 Books That Changed Their Lives, a challenge suggested and issued by friends of the show Morgan Hazat Heiss and Theresa Chase. 

Additionally, the fellows discuss YouTube challenges, some upcoming videos and future episodes and Ryan responds to the Segmented Story challenge, finally!

Check us out!

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Episode 48


The Write Idea Workshop returns after a two-week unintentional hiatus! In this episode, Ryan and Justin explain why they've been gone, review some comics they read, talk about YouTube and some writing submission opportunities with Night Train ( and Harpoon (links arriving later).

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046 - The Write Idea Workshop - Jac Attack

Episode 46 - Jac Attack!

In this episode, Ryan, Justin and special guest Jacob Kincaid talk about dialogue, make some music, talk about books and inspirational creators! All that, and some cigar stories, give it a listen!


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Jac's music:


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Episode 45


In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, our intrepid hosts venture to throw some ideas at the wall and see if they stick. More specifically, for one of the few times since the shows inception the fellows actually WORKSHOP some ideas! How about that, eh?


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