The Write Idea Workshop (Comedy)

Once again Ryan, Caleb and Theresa return from the brink of madness to talk about the nature of "retro media" and whether it's always been a trend, or if this is a new breed with shows and movies like 'MANIAC' on Netflix or 'Turbo Kid'. 

Also, a bit about DARK SOULS

And, new theme music by Jac Kincaid and his fantastic band HE'S DEAD JIM

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This episode, Ryan sits down in a loud punk venue with rail-traveling comedian Magghie O'Shea to find out a bit more about her creative process and what got her into comedy.


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A momentous episode! 

Justin S. Adkins returns to The Write Idea Workshop to promote his new podcast, Out of Our Wheelhouse with co-host and fellow comedian Luke Fegenbush!

The pair join Ryan up at the esteemed lake house where several podcasts have been recorded since moving to NY. The trio talk about all manners of things relating to standup, life on the road, and just whatever they've been up to. 

Give a listen, lots of laughs in this one!

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Episode 129 of The Write Idea Workshop is ready to challenge your beliefs. First, Caleb, Theresa and Ryan read some stories they wrote based on the most recent writing prompt. Then, Ryan sits down with friend of the show and professional phone sex operator Darcy to talk about how much creativity the gig entails, and other goofy stuff. Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast for a very special behind the scenes listen!

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Episode 128

This episode, Ryan reads some listener submissions to the Writing Prompt Challenges. Friend, listener and fellow podcaster Dan Mayer submitted a short story based on the last prompt, and Ryan shares it with the rest of you. 

But, not to let this be the shortest episode ever, tacked on is EPISODE 44 of RADIOLEARY staring Chris O'Leary, Sean O'Leary and Ryan reading proverbs and offering terrible advice on how to deal with volcanoes. 

Congrats Bitley and Trish!

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Episode 127

This episode, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb review The Black Panther, read and review a writing submission and talk about one of Ryan's favorite creators, Kevin Smith!


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Episode 126

Ryan is by himself for Valentines Day, so this is a great opportunity to talk about some of the best couples depicted in comic books! 

Favorites pulled from: Saga, Young Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Astonishing X-Men

What are some of your favorites?

Let us know by e-mailing:

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Episode 125

This episode, Kim and Theresa take a crack at the Writing Prompt from the previous week, and Ryan and Caleb struggle to hold themselves together.

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Episode 124

In this shorty but goody episode, Ryan and Caleb embark on a writing challenge. Kim and Theresa are there also. 

Also, be sure to keep an eye on Don't Delete This, a new webcomic by Ryan. The spooky adventures begin 01/26/2017



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Episode 123

This time, Caleb, Theresa and Ryan and joined by esteemed photographer Kim Fortier to discuss fun video games, The Runaways, vegetables and the power of Jeff Goldblum!


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Caleb, Theresa and Ryan gather round the mic to talk about RUNAWAYS on Hulu and what other books and comics from their youth they'd like to see made into movies, shows, or other forms of media.


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Episode 121

The Final Episode of 2017

Caleb and Theresa just saw The Last Jedi and it must be discussed.

Bruce Campbell is discussed.

Favorite reads of 2017. 

Resolutions for improvement in 2018


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Episode 120

It's a Robonukah miracle! A new episode before the new year! Huzzah!

Ryan, Theresa and Caleb spend a lot of this episode trying to remember what movies and shows came out in 2017 and what they thought of them. Also, a healthy meditation on Zoolander.


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Episode 119

This is a garage door pilot for a brand new podcast, Kaizen Komedy.

Hosted by Shafi Hossain, Cody Montayne and Ryan Andersons, Kaizen Komedy is a show about comedians, by comedians trying to figure out how to make their material better. Each episode, the guys analyze a different comedian and break down what it is about their performances that make them work, what they can learn from and a bit about to comedians career to get them where they are. 

Kaizen Komedy is released every Tuesday, and more information can be found at

Normal episodes of The Write Idea Workshop will resume this week. For questions, concerns or commentary, write to us at:

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 118

At 3am on a Sunday morning, Ryan is still up after drinking energy drinks all day, and decides to record a podcast with drunk co-hosts. They attempt to do a show as Ryan tries to stay awake. His mouth is mostly awake, his brain mostly asleep. This is what happens.


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Episode 117!

Ryan, Caleb and Theresa gather 'round the mic to talk about the new Death Note movie on Netflix and how it compares to the anime/manga it's based off of. Inadvertently, the conversation becomes about Star Trek as most things do.

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Episode 116!

Caleb, Theresa and Ryan gather round the mic to talk about what is appealing about unscripted/ improvised comedy movies, and what benefits are gained by adhering to a script full of finely crafted jokes. Some of the tangent journeys they run off on include what is Shia LaBeuff up to, a database that has everything ever written, and how to unravel Ryan's mind with basic philosophy. 

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Episode 115 of The Write Idea Workshop!

In this episode, Caleb, Ryan and a very quiet Theresa try to talk about The X-Men and if they have a shot at becoming a bigger part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They also discuss other movie and TV news, Theresa's review of Netflix's show 'Atypical' and all sorts of other stuff.


twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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In this outdoorsy episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan is joined by Caleb, Theresa and Wayne to discuss some of their favorite Summer Movies and other games, movies and books that put a skip in their step. 

"What's the map say?"

It says you're tuned in to The Write Idea Workshop!


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There's a new show in town, and it's hosted by Chris O'Leary as part of the Out of Ideas Network.

Have a listen here and if you like what you hear, check out more episodes at or iTunes or wherever you get your podcast fix. It'll be there! 



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This is a short episode of the show, but Ryan has quite a bit to say about Guardians of the Galaxy. 

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Episode 110

Two rounds of guests for this episode! In the first, Ryan is joined by up and coming comic Dominic Michael to discuss why he wants to get into comedy. Then, Ryan is joined by Theresa and Caleb to chat about the movies they've seen, how wrong Ryan is and almost get into an old argument. 

All that, and more!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



Ladies of Star Wars Kickstarter:

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Episode 109

Round 2 of The Comedy Works Basement Tape conversation series. 

Featuring Comedians

- Chris O'Leary

- Jerry Dymond

- Chris Coppola

- Grady Dixon 

- Mikael Gregg

Check out all their upcoming dates and shows! 

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Episode 108!

After a Writing Session at the Comedy Works in Saratoga, Ryan is joined by comedians Korey David, Jerry Dymond, Michael Lasch, Mike O'Donnell and Chris O'Leary to talk about what comedians talk about: writing, how they approach the stage, and how dateable Dr. Frankenstein is. 

Big thanks to The Comedy Works for allowing us to record in their space. Check them out and all the comics that come through at :


twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 107!

This episode was recorded late in the eve after a night of stand-up comedy. Your host Ryan talks to YOU, the Workshopper, about Mystery Science Theater 3000, Logan, Iron Fist and Legion!

It's a shorty but a goodie


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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb talk about zombies, things worth watching and the therapeutic power of writing.


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One hundred and five episodes in! 

This episode is Ryan and Caleb talking about journaling, creators they idolize, and whatever else pops off the dome! Now with 99% less Matthew McConaughey impressions. 


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Happy February!

This episode, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb talk way too much about Michael Bay. 

Other stuff happens too.


Give it a listen and keep on writing!


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The weather outside is frightful, but inside there's podcasts a-brewing. Ryan and Justin assemble lists of 10 Things They Didn't Hate From 2016. Make your list and check it twice while you listen to this episode!


twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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101 - Queue Dodge This

Episode 101!

This is quite the episode as Ryan is joined by the two guys who got him into podcasting in the first place, Wex and Greg! They're also joined by Wex's wife Jillian to discuss some things Disney and the new movie MOANA (in theatres now). Then the guys go on to discuss podcasting history, Greg and Wex's original podcast Queue Dodge This! and video games, board games... all sorts of nerdy stuff. 

Keep on writing!


twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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100 - Trumpocalypse Now

At long last it's finally here! Episode 100 of The Write Idea Workshop!

It only took four years!

In this episode, Ryan is reunited via Skype with Justin and longtime friend and one time summer-long couch surfer Ben to discuss how things have grown and changed in four years, what's going on in America post-election as well as creative pursuits! 


Thank you all for 4 years of The Write Idea Workshop and please stay tuned for a lot more in the future. 

If you can please leave a rating and comment on iTunes or drop us an e-mail at:


Keep on writing!

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099 - Election Eve Jitters 2016

Episode 99



Four years later, we finally hit episode 99! In this episode, recorded the night before Election Day 2016; Ryan takes a look back on the Second Episode of The Write Idea Workshop where he and Justin were very concerned about the outcome of that election, but that didn't stop them from ranting about a bunch of other stuff. 

Thanks for listening to The Write Idea Workshop for 4 Years, and please stay tuned for more!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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Episode 95

Ryan is joined by Saratoga County's own Chris Copolla to talk about comedy, joke writing, whether the truth is worth it, and encounters with truckers.


twitter: WriteIdeaWS



Write us a review on iTunes and tell your friends! 

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94 Episodes in!

This episode Ryan and Caleb talk all about Stark Trek and the various controversies surrounding STAR TREK:BEYOND. 

Let us know what you think!


twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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092 - Almost Lost Episode

We're late, we're late for a somewhat important date! But we're here now, so here's what we talk about:

M. Night Shamalyan movies! 

Death! (RIP Orlando victims, Anton Yelchin, those killed by the police, the sniper victims in Dallas... ugh... too much death)

Other Movies!

All sorts of sound drops!


And finally, a Writing Challenge! (Though not issued by the podcast)

Give it a listen! Send us an e-mail! Enjoy your summer! Exclamation mark!



twitter: WriteIdeaWS

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This episode of The Write Idea Workshop is a flashback to the very first podcast! After a brief discussion of DC Rebirth titles and Neil Gaiman's new non-fiction book THE VIEW FROM THE CHEAP SEATS, Ryan hops in a time machine and takes us back to the very first episode with Justin.

Keep on writing!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

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091 - Adult Irradiated Jujitsu Reptiles

The gang is back for Episode 91! This time around, Caleb talks a bit about his experiences on stage at Comedy Works in Saratoga, what he enjoyed about the latest TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie, and there's a brand new Bento Box cracked open!

All that and some other stuff.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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This week Ryan is all by himself. Caleb is out with the FIST FULL OF FILMS guys, Theresa is on location, and that leaves Ryan by himself to pump out an episode. Ryan just saw X-Men: Apocalypse and has some thoughts on it. Additionally, DC Universe Rebirth #1 just hit the stands, and a bunch of comic book themed shows ended. All that and not much more, this time on THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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Eighty eight episodes in to the show, and this may be the biggest derailment we've encountered. Setting off on a mission to discuss comics and local artists, the crew gets very off track and into some bottles, ending in some hilarious violence. Slapstick at it's finest. 

On a more serious note artist and creator Darwyn Cooke passed on 5/14/2016. If you're unfamiliar with Darwyn Cooke's work, he created 'DC: New Frontier' and tons of other amazing stories for some of the biggest names in comics. He will be dearly missed.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

tumblr : 

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It's almost time for the Primaries in New York State, and The Write Idea Workshop has some thoughts on that.

Additionally in this episode, Ryan, Caleb and Theresa talk a lot about 10 Cloverfield Lane *SPOILER ALERT*. what to look for in The Great American Novel, and whether or not Beyonce is a Princess or a Queen.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

reddit: r/WriteIdeaWorkshop



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This episode of The Write Idea Workshop kicks off with some head banging: Friends of the show Go Go Buffalo have released a brand new track, and it's so damn listenable, it intros the episode!

Then, Ryan sits down with Caleb, Theresa and special guest Mike to talk a whole lot about movies, the last horror movie they saw, and Kevin Smith to a great extent. 

All that, and more!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 85

Ryan has had a few drinks in preparation to watch the sequel to SLC PUNK, a film called 'Punk's Dead'. The predecessor was a very important film to Ryan as a kid, and therefore he needs the aid of now-frequent guests Caleb and Theresa to help break down what is going on with this movie.

Then, creativity and motivation is talked about at length. Give it a listen!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 84!

Ryan is joined by Caleb and Theresa to discuss a great many things. Chief among them: making a case for why Superman isn't lame, whether Zack Snyder is a good director or not, and what makes for an interesting poem.

All that, and more!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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083 - Saint Patrick's Cast

In episode 83 of The Write Idea Workshop, it's just Ryan, talking about 30 books to read before you turn 30. Stay safe this Saint Patrick's Day, and a happy early birthday to esteemed and distant cohost, Justin!

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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan is joined by former sketch comedy colleagues Wayne and Caleb, as well as former guests Corey and Theresa to attempt to have a show!

This is a weird, funny episode and once again How Many Beers is played at the end! Have a listen!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 81

In the first episode of 2016, Ryan is joined by Fist Full of Films buddy Wayne, as well as his associate Corey and the unwelcome Bob to discuss comedy, video games, philosophy and get lost in thoughts. 

Thanks for staying with The Write Idea Workshop, and please leave us a review in iTunes! 

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Episode 79 

*Edit Free*

This has been a weird time for The Write Idea Workshop. After not having an episode for a month, Ryan is back with special guest, comedian Alec Caro, to talk about New York versus Cincinnati, comedy, stage time, and other stuff. Ryan makes a big announcement, and animated ladies are discussed at length.


All that, and more, on THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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Tis' the season for giggles!

August 20 - 21st is the Cincy Brew Ha Ha, a comedy and beer festival in Cincinnati, Ohio , and Ryan and Justin prep for it with a nice chat with comedian Adam Mennick!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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Episode 77!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with Alex Schubert to discuss a life in comedy, writing techniques and what it means to be relatable!

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Episode 76!

The Write Idea Workshop is back after a moving hiatus! However, Ryan and Justin aren't in the new studio this episode; instead, they're at Mahogany's Bar in Latonia, Kentucky! Joining the guys in this episode are:

Vince Vlaisavich

Zach Hale

Tanner Hinds

Bruce Leonard


Joe Deuce!

As well as a few other people who just happened to be there. This was a weird one, folks.

Keep on Writing!

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In Episode 75 of The Write Idea Workshop, the guys sit down with headlining comedian and host of the weekly Thompson House Open Mic (in Newport, Kentucky) Jay Armstrong!

Jay has been a staple of the comedy community for over five yearsand a big proponent of the comedy scene in the Cincinnati area. Jay has traveled all over the country doing shows, and Ryan and Justin inquire about some of the things he's learned in his time as a stand up comedian and host. Be sure to check Jay out on Facebook ( and seek out the shows he's doing in the coming months!

Fair warning, towards the end of the episode, things get a bit political. Just sayin'.

Keep on writing!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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For the 74th episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with the guy who got them talking to comedians in the first place: Chris Siemer!



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This is certainly one of the more odd episodes of The Write Idea Workshop. Justin and Ryan are invited to be part of Vince Vlaisavich's comedy showcase The M*therf*ckin Vince Show! Justin is asked to host the show and for once, instead of just sitting idly by and making sure things are recording properly, Ryan gets on stage.

Also featured in this showcase:

Luis Fuentes
Glen Childress
Phil Pointer
Alex Schubert
Vince Vlaisavich

*Apologies for some of the sound quality in this episode*



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It's time for another round-table talk with comedians! In this episode, Ryan and Justin are joined by Gabe Kea and Billy DeVore. Many jokes are made, many drinks are shared, and a good time is had.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


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It's the last night in C2E2 for The Write Idea Workshop, and it's been quite the journey. Ryan and Justin are joined by Matt Bitely, Laura Barrett and comedian Tree Sanchez to talk about their Con experiences.

Fair warning, this episode is barely edited.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


Direct download: wiw71.mp3
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Another delightful comedy roundtable! This time, Ryan and Justin are joined by Dave, Luis and Iain to talk about coming up in the Cincinnati scene, how to go about setting up a tour for yourself, different venues, and the worst times they've bombed on stage.

Appologies for the phone static!

 Be sure to give a listen and check out their upcoming performances! Check the website for those dates.
Also, follow them on twitter:
Luis Fuentes - @cincirican
Ian McDavid - @iainmcdavid

Keep on writing!

twitter: @WriteIdeaWS

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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin continue their chat with Phil and Atom about working the comedy scene in Cincinnati, OH, relationships, writing styles, performance styles and processing anxiety.


twitter: WriteIdeaWS
YouTube: The Write Idea Workshop

PLEASE Subscibe to us on iTunes and leave us some comments!

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PART ONE of a Roundtable Chat with comedians Phil Pointer and Atom West.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS
tumblr :

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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with some of their kinkier friends to discuss what it's like to be members of a primarily female fetish performance group and the process of making monthly shows that are a combination of funny, physically impressive and sexy! The group also picks apart why 50 Shades of Grey is a terrible representation of the BDSM lifestyle.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan, Justin and Matt venture to Mahogany's for a night of giggles featuring Vince Vlasaivich, Phil Pointer, Billy Devore, Dennis Piper, Dave Dillinger, Zach Hale, Marcus Davis, Wally Deburgh and our very own Justin Adkins!

This is an EXTRA EXPLICIT episode, so hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, cause they're makin every body chuckle around here.

Big thanks for Mahogany's for having us, and to all the comedians featured for taking the time to say a few words after the show.

twitter: WriteIdeaWS


Please leave a rating and review on iTunes, Stitcher and Sound Cloud!

Direct download: wiw65.mp3
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Ryan and Justin are back at Mahogany's Coffehouse and Bar for a night of chuckles and anti-Valentine's Day sentiment! Also art and tasty barbeque. We also  This time around, the line up of comedians include:
- Ray Price
- Luis Fuentes
- Trevor Day
- Rob Wilfong
- Heatherlyn Stickle
- Spark Tabor
and of course
- Vince Vilaisavich
Check out the show, and catch a special appearance by returning comedic guest Phil Pointer! As opposed to last episode, this one has a round-table talk with the comedians after the show. Lots of funny! Come getcha some!

Keep on writing!
twitter: WriteIdeaWS

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Episode 62

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit by the stage of Mahogany's Coffeehouse and Bar and listen to comedians Vince Vlaisavich, Tanner Hinds, Will Moore, Alex Rozof, Blake Hammond, Alex Leeds, Faith Mueller, Cal Jansen and Norma Nelson rattle the foundations with laughter.

Please also be sure to check out these fine comedians in their social networks, follow them on  twitter, and check out their live shows!

Will Moore's podcast : The Needle Cast (look it up on iTunes!)


twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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Episode 60

For this extra-sized episode, Ryan and Justin are hanging out in the back of the BACKSTAGE CAFE with Vince Vlaisavich, Tanner Hines, Cal Jansen and Phil Pointer! Also, we're joined by a very special guest, musician and all around awesome person Mary Parker! 

Throughout the episode, Ryan and Justin talk about life for comedians, open mic experiences and whatever random stuff comes to the surface. There are so many stories in this episode, it's well worth your ear-dollar!

Give it a listen!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS



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