The Write Idea Workshop (Comedy)

Episode 129 of The Write Idea Workshop is ready to challenge your beliefs. First, Caleb, Theresa and Ryan read some stories they wrote based on the most recent writing prompt. Then, Ryan sits down with friend of the show and professional phone sex operator Darcy to talk about how much creativity the gig entails, and other goofy stuff. Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast for a very special behind the scenes listen!

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Episode 128

This episode, Ryan reads some listener submissions to the Writing Prompt Challenges. Friend, listener and fellow podcaster Dan Mayer submitted a short story based on the last prompt, and Ryan shares it with the rest of you. 

But, not to let this be the shortest episode ever, tacked on is EPISODE 44 of RADIOLEARY staring Chris O'Leary, Sean O'Leary and Ryan reading proverbs and offering terrible advice on how to deal with volcanoes. 

Congrats Bitley and Trish!

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Episode 127

This episode, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb review The Black Panther, read and review a writing submission and talk about one of Ryan's favorite creators, Kevin Smith!


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Episode 126

Ryan is by himself for Valentines Day, so this is a great opportunity to talk about some of the best couples depicted in comic books! 

Favorites pulled from: Saga, Young Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Astonishing X-Men

What are some of your favorites?

Let us know by e-mailing:

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Episode 125

This episode, Kim and Theresa take a crack at the Writing Prompt from the previous week, and Ryan and Caleb struggle to hold themselves together.

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Episode 124

In this shorty but goody episode, Ryan and Caleb embark on a writing challenge. Kim and Theresa are there also. 

Also, be sure to keep an eye on Don't Delete This, a new webcomic by Ryan. The spooky adventures begin 01/26/2017



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Episode 123

This time, Caleb, Theresa and Ryan and joined by esteemed photographer Kim Fortier to discuss fun video games, The Runaways, vegetables and the power of Jeff Goldblum!


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Caleb, Theresa and Ryan gather round the mic to talk about RUNAWAYS on Hulu and what other books and comics from their youth they'd like to see made into movies, shows, or other forms of media.


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Episode 121

The Final Episode of 2017

Caleb and Theresa just saw The Last Jedi and it must be discussed.

Bruce Campbell is discussed.

Favorite reads of 2017. 

Resolutions for improvement in 2018


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Episode 120

It's a Robonukah miracle! A new episode before the new year! Huzzah!

Ryan, Theresa and Caleb spend a lot of this episode trying to remember what movies and shows came out in 2017 and what they thought of them. Also, a healthy meditation on Zoolander.


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