The Write Idea Workshop

Episode 80

This is the last in-person episode of the Write Idea Workshop that will feature Ryan and Justin in the same room for quite a while. Ryan's moving out and special guest DAVE TULLAR is moving in!

In this era-ending episode, Ryan and Justin are joined by Tullar and the three discuss a great deal about writing comics, X-Men, and whatever the hell Justin is doing throughout.

This is a weird one.

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Episode 79 

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This has been a weird time for The Write Idea Workshop. After not having an episode for a month, Ryan is back with special guest, comedian Alec Caro, to talk about New York versus Cincinnati, comedy, stage time, and other stuff. Ryan makes a big announcement, and animated ladies are discussed at length.


All that, and more, on THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP!

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Tis' the season for giggles!

August 20 - 21st is the Cincy Brew Ha Ha, a comedy and beer festival in Cincinnati, Ohio , and Ryan and Justin prep for it with a nice chat with comedian Adam Mennick!

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Episode 77!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with Alex Schubert to discuss a life in comedy, writing techniques and what it means to be relatable!

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Episode 76!

The Write Idea Workshop is back after a moving hiatus! However, Ryan and Justin aren't in the new studio this episode; instead, they're at Mahogany's Bar in Latonia, Kentucky! Joining the guys in this episode are:

Vince Vlaisavich

Zach Hale

Tanner Hinds

Bruce Leonard


Joe Deuce!

As well as a few other people who just happened to be there. This was a weird one, folks.

Keep on Writing!

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In Episode 75 of The Write Idea Workshop, the guys sit down with headlining comedian and host of the weekly Thompson House Open Mic (in Newport, Kentucky) Jay Armstrong!

Jay has been a staple of the comedy community for over five yearsand a big proponent of the comedy scene in the Cincinnati area. Jay has traveled all over the country doing shows, and Ryan and Justin inquire about some of the things he's learned in his time as a stand up comedian and host. Be sure to check Jay out on Facebook ( and seek out the shows he's doing in the coming months!

Fair warning, towards the end of the episode, things get a bit political. Just sayin'.

Keep on writing!

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For the 74th episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with the guy who got them talking to comedians in the first place: Chris Siemer!



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This is certainly one of the more odd episodes of The Write Idea Workshop. Justin and Ryan are invited to be part of Vince Vlaisavich's comedy showcase The M*therf*ckin Vince Show! Justin is asked to host the show and for once, instead of just sitting idly by and making sure things are recording properly, Ryan gets on stage.

Also featured in this showcase:

Luis Fuentes
Glen Childress
Phil Pointer
Alex Schubert
Vince Vlaisavich

*Apologies for some of the sound quality in this episode*



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It's time for another round-table talk with comedians! In this episode, Ryan and Justin are joined by Gabe Kea and Billy DeVore. Many jokes are made, many drinks are shared, and a good time is had.

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It's the last night in C2E2 for The Write Idea Workshop, and it's been quite the journey. Ryan and Justin are joined by Matt Bitely, Laura Barrett and comedian Tree Sanchez to talk about their Con experiences.

Fair warning, this episode is barely edited.

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