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On this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, Ryan welcomes back Justin, the two discuss e-books and electronic reading devices, and the many different avenues of self-publishing. Also, poetry reading!

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The Write Idea Workshop

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In this episode, Ryan welcomes guest-host Alex Schulz to the show to discuss struggles with the Write a Novel in a Month challenge, his experiences with grad school, ways to break up a story, and the importance of a writing community! Lots of nuggets of awesome in this episode, do give a listen :)

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The Write Idea Workshop Episode 3 : Ghosts Go Away!

In this episode, Ryan heads back to New York and encounters guest-host Matt Wexler (Wexiomatic of the Queue Dodge This! podcast infamy)! The two discuss the creative process, how to get ideas out of your head and onto some paper, comics, and a really interesting Writing Challenge!

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On this the eve of a historic presidential decision, The Write Idea Workshop hosts Ryan and Justin get intoxicated and try to discuss what has been plauging their writing.

It's a topsy-turvy conversation, introducing new segments and a very one-sided writing challenge submission.

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