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029 - The Write Idea Workshop - So Long 2013

Episode 29 - So Long 2013

In this, the final episode for the year 2013, Ryan looks back at some of his favorite and most influential authors and reads for this year. Justin is busy off on a date, but that doesn't mean we don't hear from him.

Thank you to all the listeners for continuing to download our podcast and sharing it with your friends and enemies. We here at the Write Idea Workshop hope you have a fantastic and safe New Years, and join us again in 2014 for weekly discussions about writing, reading, movies, comics, games and improving yourself as a writer.

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Episode 28

Ryan and Justin are back with some brand new theme music courteousy of Jac Kincaid (author of Tales From a Gas Station, lead singer of The Urethras and all around badass). After staying up ridiculously late, in this episode, the fellows discuss their Top Five (or so) influential authors, some of the better writing on TV nowadays, and read a fantastic poetry submission from listener and friend of the show Theresa Chase!

Give it a listen and keep on writing!

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