The Write Idea Workshop

The Tenth Episode!

After a brief (two week) hiatus, the guys are back!

In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin break down Pixar's 22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling, briefly discuss why books turned into movies aren't so accurate, and complain about day-jobs getting in the way of writing.

All that and much more, plus big news!

Keep Writing!

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Welcome to 2013!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Justin, Wex and Ryan discuss the many merits of playing tabletop RPGs and the benefits those games give to aspiring writers. Additionally, the fellows discuss the art of the Memoir, and decide to post a writing challenge!

Because this episode went up late due to financial difficulties, the writing challenge deadline has been extended to the following Tuesday.

Keep writing everyone!

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