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This episode Ryan and Caleb talk all about Stark Trek and the various controversies surrounding STAR TREK:BEYOND. 

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093 - Riffing on Dead X-Men

Ryan is all by himself in this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, discussing what's going on in the X-Men comics, the emergence of a whole bunch of D&D shows on YouTube, how amazing the MST3K Reunion show was, and other things that stumble into his head at 2am. 


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092 - Almost Lost Episode

We're late, we're late for a somewhat important date! But we're here now, so here's what we talk about:

M. Night Shamalyan movies! 

Death! (RIP Orlando victims, Anton Yelchin, those killed by the police, the sniper victims in Dallas... ugh... too much death)

Other Movies!

All sorts of sound drops!


And finally, a Writing Challenge! (Though not issued by the podcast)

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