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The weather outside is frightful, but inside there's podcasts a-brewing. Ryan and Justin assemble lists of 10 Things They Didn't Hate From 2016. Make your list and check it twice while you listen to this episode!


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101 - Queue Dodge This

Episode 101!

This is quite the episode as Ryan is joined by the two guys who got him into podcasting in the first place, Wex and Greg! They're also joined by Wex's wife Jillian to discuss some things Disney and the new movie MOANA (in theatres now). Then the guys go on to discuss podcasting history, Greg and Wex's original podcast Queue Dodge This! and video games, board games... all sorts of nerdy stuff. 

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100 - Trumpocalypse Now

At long last it's finally here! Episode 100 of The Write Idea Workshop!

It only took four years!

In this episode, Ryan is reunited via Skype with Justin and longtime friend and one time summer-long couch surfer Ben to discuss how things have grown and changed in four years, what's going on in America post-election as well as creative pursuits! 


Thank you all for 4 years of The Write Idea Workshop and please stay tuned for a lot more in the future. 

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099 - Election Eve Jitters 2016

Episode 99



Four years later, we finally hit episode 99! In this episode, recorded the night before Election Day 2016; Ryan takes a look back on the Second Episode of The Write Idea Workshop where he and Justin were very concerned about the outcome of that election, but that didn't stop them from ranting about a bunch of other stuff. 

Thanks for listening to The Write Idea Workshop for 4 Years, and please stay tuned for more!

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In this not-so-spooky episode, Ryan has a chat with you, the fair listener, about the goings-on in the X-Men comics, DC's Young Animal imprint and movies and shows to watch in preparation for Halloween.


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Happy Octoberween!

After a month of not posting an episode, Ryan, Caleb and Theresa are back with stories to share, opinions to debate and a writing challenge to embark on!


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096 - Insomniac Edition

At 1:00AM, Ryan isn't getting any sleep. So, he decided to hop on the mic and get you, fair listener, up to speed of the goings-on of The Write Idea Workshop!

Things discussed include: Brian K. Vaughn's RUNAWAYS, Gene Wilder and the Prescription Comedy Annual Film Competition!

Swig some Nyquil (not sponsored) and give a listen to Episode 96 of THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP!

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Episode 95

Ryan is joined by Saratoga County's own Chris Copolla to talk about comedy, joke writing, whether the truth is worth it, and encounters with truckers.


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94 Episodes in!

This episode Ryan and Caleb talk all about Stark Trek and the various controversies surrounding STAR TREK:BEYOND. 

Let us know what you think!


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093 - Riffing on Dead X-Men

Ryan is all by himself in this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, discussing what's going on in the X-Men comics, the emergence of a whole bunch of D&D shows on YouTube, how amazing the MST3K Reunion show was, and other things that stumble into his head at 2am. 


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092 - Almost Lost Episode

We're late, we're late for a somewhat important date! But we're here now, so here's what we talk about:

M. Night Shamalyan movies! 

Death! (RIP Orlando victims, Anton Yelchin, those killed by the police, the sniper victims in Dallas... ugh... too much death)

Other Movies!

All sorts of sound drops!


And finally, a Writing Challenge! (Though not issued by the podcast)

Give it a listen! Send us an e-mail! Enjoy your summer! Exclamation mark!



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This episode of The Write Idea Workshop is a flashback to the very first podcast! After a brief discussion of DC Rebirth titles and Neil Gaiman's new non-fiction book THE VIEW FROM THE CHEAP SEATS, Ryan hops in a time machine and takes us back to the very first episode with Justin.

Keep on writing!

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091 - Adult Irradiated Jujitsu Reptiles

The gang is back for Episode 91! This time around, Caleb talks a bit about his experiences on stage at Comedy Works in Saratoga, what he enjoyed about the latest TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie, and there's a brand new Bento Box cracked open!

All that and some other stuff.

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This week Ryan is all by himself. Caleb is out with the FIST FULL OF FILMS guys, Theresa is on location, and that leaves Ryan by himself to pump out an episode. Ryan just saw X-Men: Apocalypse and has some thoughts on it. Additionally, DC Universe Rebirth #1 just hit the stands, and a bunch of comic book themed shows ended. All that and not much more, this time on THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP

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Eighty eight episodes in to the show, and this may be the biggest derailment we've encountered. Setting off on a mission to discuss comics and local artists, the crew gets very off track and into some bottles, ending in some hilarious violence. Slapstick at it's finest. 

On a more serious note artist and creator Darwyn Cooke passed on 5/14/2016. If you're unfamiliar with Darwyn Cooke's work, he created 'DC: New Frontier' and tons of other amazing stories for some of the biggest names in comics. He will be dearly missed.

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It's almost time for the Primaries in New York State, and The Write Idea Workshop has some thoughts on that.

Additionally in this episode, Ryan, Caleb and Theresa talk a lot about 10 Cloverfield Lane *SPOILER ALERT*. what to look for in The Great American Novel, and whether or not Beyonce is a Princess or a Queen.

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This episode of The Write Idea Workshop kicks off with some head banging: Friends of the show Go Go Buffalo have released a brand new track, and it's so damn listenable, it intros the episode!

Then, Ryan sits down with Caleb, Theresa and special guest Mike to talk a whole lot about movies, the last horror movie they saw, and Kevin Smith to a great extent. 

All that, and more!

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Episode 85

Ryan has had a few drinks in preparation to watch the sequel to SLC PUNK, a film called 'Punk's Dead'. The predecessor was a very important film to Ryan as a kid, and therefore he needs the aid of now-frequent guests Caleb and Theresa to help break down what is going on with this movie.

Then, creativity and motivation is talked about at length. Give it a listen!

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Episode 84!

Ryan is joined by Caleb and Theresa to discuss a great many things. Chief among them: making a case for why Superman isn't lame, whether Zack Snyder is a good director or not, and what makes for an interesting poem.

All that, and more!

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083 - Saint Patrick's Cast

In episode 83 of The Write Idea Workshop, it's just Ryan, talking about 30 books to read before you turn 30. Stay safe this Saint Patrick's Day, and a happy early birthday to esteemed and distant cohost, Justin!

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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan is joined by former sketch comedy colleagues Wayne and Caleb, as well as former guests Corey and Theresa to attempt to have a show!

This is a weird, funny episode and once again How Many Beers is played at the end! Have a listen!

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Episode 81

In the first episode of 2016, Ryan is joined by Fist Full of Films buddy Wayne, as well as his associate Corey and the unwelcome Bob to discuss comedy, video games, philosophy and get lost in thoughts. 

Thanks for staying with The Write Idea Workshop, and please leave us a review in iTunes! 

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