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Episode 32

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, our heroes embark on a Writing Challenge marathon set to some fantastic, inspirational music. The guys also talk about inspiration, Goodwill Reads and some things they're trying in order to be a little more social. This episode features music by:

Against Me! - F*ckMyLife66

Dan LeSac vs. Scroobious Pip - Introdiction

Monoliths - I'm Going Through Some Sh*t

Speaker For The Dead - If You're Dead Please Raise Your Hand

and as always, Jac Kincaid does the theme music. Check out his book(s) on Amazon and listen to The Urethras!

*The Write Idea Workshop is a non-profit writing group that really just likes these songs and wants to support the artists by putting their music out there. Please go buy music from these bands!

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Episode 31

For the first episode of the New Year, Ryan and Justin are joined by special guest Matt Bitley to talk comics! The (drunk) trio discuss upcoming comic book movies, some of their favorite comic books of 2013, and the state of comic books as a whole! Lots of nifty history lessons, factoids and Justin eating crackers fill this episode to the brim!

Also, poetry submissions from Theresa Chase are read, and theme music is supplied once more by the multi-talented Jac Kincaid.



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Episode 30

Justin's back with his follow-up list of favorite reads and authors in 2013! Ryan and Justin also talk about comics a whole lot, discuss Arrow, and rant like madmen.

Keep on Writing!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year and Thanks for listening to The Write Idea Workshop!

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