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This episode of The Write Idea Workshop kicks off with some head banging: Friends of the show Go Go Buffalo have released a brand new track, and it's so damn listenable, it intros the episode!

Then, Ryan sits down with Caleb, Theresa and special guest Mike to talk a whole lot about movies, the last horror movie they saw, and Kevin Smith to a great extent. 

All that, and more!

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Episode 85

Ryan has had a few drinks in preparation to watch the sequel to SLC PUNK, a film called 'Punk's Dead'. The predecessor was a very important film to Ryan as a kid, and therefore he needs the aid of now-frequent guests Caleb and Theresa to help break down what is going on with this movie.

Then, creativity and motivation is talked about at length. Give it a listen!

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Episode 84!

Ryan is joined by Caleb and Theresa to discuss a great many things. Chief among them: making a case for why Superman isn't lame, whether Zack Snyder is a good director or not, and what makes for an interesting poem.

All that, and more!

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083 - Saint Patrick's Cast

In episode 83 of The Write Idea Workshop, it's just Ryan, talking about 30 books to read before you turn 30. Stay safe this Saint Patrick's Day, and a happy early birthday to esteemed and distant cohost, Justin!

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In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan is joined by former sketch comedy colleagues Wayne and Caleb, as well as former guests Corey and Theresa to attempt to have a show!

This is a weird, funny episode and once again How Many Beers is played at the end! Have a listen!

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