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029 - The Write Idea Workshop - So Long 2013

Episode 29 - So Long 2013

In this, the final episode for the year 2013, Ryan looks back at some of his favorite and most influential authors and reads for this year. Justin is busy off on a date, but that doesn't mean we don't hear from him.

Thank you to all the listeners for continuing to download our podcast and sharing it with your friends and enemies. We here at the Write Idea Workshop hope you have a fantastic and safe New Years, and join us again in 2014 for weekly discussions about writing, reading, movies, comics, games and improving yourself as a writer.

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Episode 28

Ryan and Justin are back with some brand new theme music courteousy of Jac Kincaid (author of Tales From a Gas Station, lead singer of The Urethras and all around badass). After staying up ridiculously late, in this episode, the fellows discuss their Top Five (or so) influential authors, some of the better writing on TV nowadays, and read a fantastic poetry submission from listener and friend of the show Theresa Chase!

Give it a listen and keep on writing!

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Episode 27

The Write Idea Workshop is visited by the not-so-ghostly spirit of Matt Wexler on this Halloween-tastic episode.
Ryan and Wex discuss monsters in movies, books and video games, as well as some creepy TV shows they're trying to catch up on.
The Twitter Game this week is #foundcandy
The Writing Challenge: Halloween Haikus!

Be sure to send us an e-mail at: to submit to the Writing Challenge, or just to drop a line.

Tweet those Twitter challenges to @WriteIdeaWS

Have a happy Spooky Ween!

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Episode 26

On this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin get a tad possessed as they try to discusss some of their favorite ghosts in books and movies, as well as the rules spirits and ghouls seem to play by.

Be sure to check out our Twitter game for a chance to win a graphic novel! #WriteIdeaFlash

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In this double-sized episode of The Write Idea Workshop, our host-some heroes introduce some new segments to the show, some new audience participation bits, and read you some stories. The guys also talk about the state of Thriller and Horror genre books and movies, the evolution and expectations of audiences, and talk a walk down memory lane.

This is the first in a month long stretch of scary-themed episodes for the Month of October.

Thanks for listening to The Write Idea Workshop! Keep writing!

To participate in the Twitter game for a chance to win a graphic novel , please be sure to hashtag all tweets:  #epitaph
Send your e-mails to :

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In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, Justin and Ryan are fresh off of watching the first episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD and have a lot to say about it. Then, Justin just has a lot to say about everything. Also, in this episode we include questions we asked of JASON AARON and DENNIS HOPELESS at the Cincy Comic Con courteousy of the Word Balloon podcast (

Be sure to give it a listen and PLEASE do not take anything you hear from Justin too seriously.

This is The Write (Wrong) Idea Workshop

Keep Writing!

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023 - The Write Idea Workshop - ComicCon Heroes

Episode 23
Ryan and Justin get all up in the first annual Cincinnati Comic Con in this episode! The fellows discuss how awesome the Con was, meeting creators like Ryan Stegman and Jason Aaron, getting absurdly inspired, and learning to network on the fly. Also, the guys find some near-forgotten rules/suggestions to better writing habits as detailed by John Steinbeck and Neil Gaiman. All this, and more!

Keep Writing!

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022 - The Write Idea Workshop - Revenge of the Workshop

Episode 22
The Write Idea Workshop is back from it's unannounced /unanticipated hiatus!
In this episode Ryan and Justin talk about the process of creating the radio play The Hills Are Alive!, discuss books, movies, the nature of expectation in audiences and try out a new Writing Challenge!

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021 - The Write Idea Workshop - The Radio Play

In this special episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan, Justin and special guest Wayne Townsend act out a short comedic radio play written by Justin and Ryan. Apologies about the unexpected hiatus. Life happens. Expect new episodes weekly from here on out!

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020 - The Write Idea Workshop - The Dodecasode!

Episode 20

On this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin embark on a strange story journey in which they collaboratively write a short story with the only building blocks being a six word phrase to kick things off, and announcements are made!

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019 - The Write Idea Workshop - Unrested Development

Episode 19 of The Write Idea Workshop is upon us!
In this episode, Ryan and Justin celebrate the release of the new season of Arrested Development with some low-key cheering and predictions on the future of entertainment. Then, the fellows take a look back on their influences by examining just how awesome CLERKS was/is, and how much they've learned from that milestone flick.

If you'd like to respond to the writing challenge, be sure to contact us through one of these mediums:



facebook: Write Ideas

and be sure to check out:

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Episode 18

In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, which is definitely not episode seventeen, no matter what we say in the intro portion, Ryan and Justin try to reign in the madness and get to some talking about the business of writing.  This episode features Ryan and Justin talking about unpredictability, tips on getting an agent and getting published and comics! Also, check out the writing challenge!

Also, apparently there was a technical error that was not noticed, and this episode was not listen-able for a while. MANY MANY APPOLOGIES.

If you'd like to get a hold of/contribute to The Write Idea Workshop, send us a message through one of these venues:

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Keep Writing everyone!

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017 - The Write Idea Workshop - The Return

Episode 17

After a lengthy hiatus due to scheduling mishaps, the Write Idea Workshop returns to a weekly schedule!
On this episode, Ryan and Justin catch up with the talented Christopher Prewitt to discuss his recent publishing ventures ( in an excellent publication called The Newer York: ), the joys of grad school and Ryan's recent adventures at the Chicago Comic Con (C2E2)!

This episode also features a writing challenge with a chance to win Frank Miller's acclaimed graphic novel Sin City : A Dame to Kill For.

Send submissions to:

facebook: Write Idea

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

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016 - The Write Idea Workshop - PERSIST!

In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, the guys talk about some inspiring hands, how amazing TARDIS BLUE dot NET is, reference THE BRO CODE, and  discuss seven ways to start a story. Additionally, Ryan and Justin discuss our plans for C2E2, the Chicago Comic Book and Entertainment Expo, as well as give the very first WIN A BOOK contest WRITING CHALLENGE!

Be sure to send submissions to:

And look us up on:

facebook: Write Ideas

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Keep writing!

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Episode 15

Writing Challenge Marathon

In this episode, Ryan and Justin discuss regionalism and Ryan's inability to remember who wrote "Of Mice and Men". Then our heroes kick things into gear with the first ever Writing Challenge Marathon, in which three writing challenges are drawn from a hat, completed within 10-15 minutes each, and then read and reviewed! Also, during the breaks for writing time, we've included some musical interludes to mirror the ones our heroes engaged their ear-holes in during the marathon.

Strap yourself in!

Keep Writing!

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Episode 14 of The Write Idea Workshop!

Guest: Matt Wexler

Topics : Death! Best uses in story-telling, effectual and ineffectual uses of killing characters, and trying to get an audience to trust you!Also, Zines! and a big pile of books you should read before you die!

To respond to the writing challenge (which may soon include prizes) send an e-mail to:

facebook: Write Ideas

reddit : thewriteideasworkshop

twitter : WriteIdeaWS

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013 - The Write Idea Workshop - Tripping on Tropes

Episode 13!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin are joined by the very talented Brandon Massengil to get lost in talks of tropes, archetypes, and writing rituals. This episode also introduces the Story City concept which is gathering steam at our website ( If you're looking to take part in some collaborative writing, give that a read!

To respond to the writing challenges, drop us a message at one of these venues:


twitter: WriteIdeaWS

facebook: Write Ideas

reddit: thewriteideasworkshop

Thanks for listening!

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012 - The Write Idea Workshop - Submitted

In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin celebrate the launch of the official Write Idea Workshop website!! (  Finally! It's up and moving and shaking! Then, the fellows go on to discuss writing on the go, respond to some writing challenge submissions, and marvel at how awesome Alec Baldwin's voice is!

All that, and more!

Give it a listen!



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011 - The Write Idea Workshop - Slap Bet Schedule

In this episode, Ryan and Justin have wagered a Slap Bet against eachother to insure they make their deadlines before C2E2.

The guys also discuss getting one's head into the writing game, an interesting project Neil Gaiman is getting into, time management, and Ryan and Justin read and respond to some Writing Challenge submissions!

Please drop us a line at:

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

facebook: Write Ideas

reddit: thewriteideaworkshop

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The Tenth Episode!

After a brief (two week) hiatus, the guys are back!

In this episode of the Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin break down Pixar's 22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling, briefly discuss why books turned into movies aren't so accurate, and complain about day-jobs getting in the way of writing.

All that and much more, plus big news!

Keep Writing!

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

facebook: Write Ideas


reddit: TheWriteIdeaWorkshop

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Welcome to 2013!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Justin, Wex and Ryan discuss the many merits of playing tabletop RPGs and the benefits those games give to aspiring writers. Additionally, the fellows discuss the art of the Memoir, and decide to post a writing challenge!

Because this episode went up late due to financial difficulties, the writing challenge deadline has been extended to the following Tuesday.

Keep writing everyone!

facebook: Write Ideas

twitter: WriteIdeaWS

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