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This, the 8th episode of THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP is a special, super crazy double-jointed holiday ep without all the seasonal thingamajigs. Instead, just lots of talk about writing, comic books, poetry and heaps of other stuff! 

This episode features chats with Jac Kincaid ( and Sean Corbin (  and

Give it a listen and have a happy holiday!

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This episode welcomes back Matt Wexler to the podcast, and for the first time in this podcasts' very short history, three speaking voices are featured through-out! Gasp and wail!

In this episode, the fellows discuss at legnth Point of View/Narration, Fan Fiction, and the significance/ reliance on dues es machina in modern story telling.

This episode features harsh language, some pretty good readings of original work, and a challenge most challenging!

Keep writing!

The Write Idea Workshop

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In this episode, Justin and Ryan discuss the complexities of being a vampire, give a few well-deserving shout outs, talk about more than enough writerly things to fill an hour, and throw in a little mouth music while they're at it.

This is the Write Idea Workshop!

Keep Writing!

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