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Episode 113!

Ryan is solo in this episode, reviewing Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver and Wonder Woman fairly spoiler-free!


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Welcome to 2017!

AKA Alternate Universe Episode 93!

In this episode, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb discuss things for the new year such as resolutions, getting out of your own way creatively, and there's a poetry writing challenge completed in twenty minutes! You, dear listener, can follow along while listening to some musical samplings from:

1. The Front Bottoms - Help

2. He Was Eaten By Owls - We Shall Oscillate Like a Pendulum 

3. Grizzly Gato - Pork Belly 

4. Super Guitar Bros - Time's Scar (Chrono Cross)

5. Fresh - The Woods

6. Modern Baseball - Hours Outside in the Snow


Follow along and submit your twenty minute poems to:

We'll read them on the next episode! Promise!

Keep on writing!

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In this not-so-spooky episode, Ryan has a chat with you, the fair listener, about the goings-on in the X-Men comics, DC's Young Animal imprint and movies and shows to watch in preparation for Halloween.


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096 - Insomniac Edition

At 1:00AM, Ryan isn't getting any sleep. So, he decided to hop on the mic and get you, fair listener, up to speed of the goings-on of The Write Idea Workshop!

Things discussed include: Brian K. Vaughn's RUNAWAYS, Gene Wilder and the Prescription Comedy Annual Film Competition!

Swig some Nyquil (not sponsored) and give a listen to Episode 96 of THE WRITE IDEA WORKSHOP!

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093 - Riffing on Dead X-Men

Ryan is all by himself in this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, discussing what's going on in the X-Men comics, the emergence of a whole bunch of D&D shows on YouTube, how amazing the MST3K Reunion show was, and other things that stumble into his head at 2am. 


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Episode 80

This is the last in-person episode of the Write Idea Workshop that will feature Ryan and Justin in the same room for quite a while. Ryan's moving out and special guest DAVE TULLAR is moving in!

In this era-ending episode, Ryan and Justin are joined by Tullar and the three discuss a great deal about writing comics, X-Men, and whatever the hell Justin is doing throughout.

This is a weird one.

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Ryan, Justin and Bitley head to C2E2 in Chicago!

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Ryan and Justin have a lovely sit-down with Mallory Fuccella about the creative process, performance art, writing, comedy and all sorts of other shennanigans.

Be sure to catch Mallory doing stand up at Mahogany's if you're in the Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati area!

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Episode 61

After a sickness induced hiatus, The Write Idea Workshop is back with a look back on 2014, some reviews and predictions of things to come in 2015, and a nearly lost chat with comedian Ericka Russel!

Ryan also talks about Patton Oswalt's new book ' Silver Screen Fiend' and the guys talk comics for a while!

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Comedy Showcase: January 24th at Mahogany's in Latonia, KY! $5 Cover gets you a night of comedy and to see a showcase be recorded and streamed live!



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Episode 58

To round off the month of November, Ryan and Justin take a look back at the National Write A Novel In A Month Challenge and how they didn't really do anything for it. Justin has come down with a terrible case of the Swiftness and can't stop singing a particular song.

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Episode 56

In a very special, very inspiring episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin sit down with Chrissy and Drew of Kid Stardust for a enlightening and mind-tingling interview about music, literature, art, and creativity at large.

No bull, this is one of the best episodes of the show we've had so far.

Stay tuned towards the end of the show to listen to Kid Stardust's tune "Margeaux"! Be sure to check out their SoundCloud, Bandcamp and other listed sites to know when they're playing next, download and support the band, and in general, have a good time.

Keep on writing everyone!

Kid Stardust on SoundCloud :



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Episode 55

We've got two guests on this episode of The Write Idea Workshop!

Kicking off the episode, Ryan and Justin are joined by the boys from Go Go Buffalo, a local psychadelic rock band who has a sound like no other! The guys talk about the band's origins, their literary influences (or lack thereof) and a bit about the music scene in the Cincinnati area.

For the second half of the episode, Ryan sits down with his father, Ray Andersons,  to talk about their history with comic books, Batman, some sports talk and of course chatting about Doctor Who with an original Whovian.

All that, and a fantastic song by Go Go Buffalo entitled: 'Poor Johnny'! Check them out on bandcamp and facebook!

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Episode 51

TUSK! #WalrusYes !

GOTHAM! Jim Gordon is going to have his hands full!

The Cinci Comic Expo : Hyped out of our price range? Check out our reviews and be sure to look into some of the creators and innovators Justin talked with at Cinci Comic Con listed below.

Be Sure To Check Out
Grand Rapids Comic Con -

Beautiful, Silly and Terrible Things - a comic by John Waller Sewell and various artists

Lauren Jankowski - Author of Sere From the Green and other novels

Bricks4Kidz -

Starbase Karma -

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Episode 50!
The Write Idea Workshop has hit 50 Episodes! Thank you Workshoppers for continuing to check out our show every week!

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan, Justin and special guest Matt Bitley take Cincy Comic Con head-on and explore the hell out of it. The guys cover Tony Moore's 'Breaking and Entering Into Comics' Panel, interview quite a few vendors, fellow podcasters, artists and writers throughout the course of the Con, and pass on those experiences to you! This episode makes use of our brand-new handy dandy portable digital recorder as well, so we don't have to lug around a mic and computer everywhere we go. Yipee!
This Con also spawned a brand new YouTube video on our channel. so be sure to check that out as well. Any comments, likes, dislikes, whatever, please let us know what you think.

Keep on writing everyone!

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Episode 44

In this episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin cover some TV news, geek out over the latest Wierd Al song, and introduce a brand new segment!

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Episode 40

The Write Idea Workshop has a brand spanking new tumblr page thanks to our good buddy Morgan ( ! In this episode, the guys talk about the amazing comic-book oriented programs coming out on TV in the fall, some avenues for writing, the Veronica Mars movie and oodles of other things!

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038 - The Write Idea Workshop - Chicago Mash

Episode 38

Ryan and Justin are mashing up before and after experiences in this full-sized episode of The Write Idea Workshop. The first 45 minutes of the episode touch on some expectations and dream experiences of C2E2, while the second 45 minutes talk about what actually went down, some shows the guys saw, and overall a review of Justin's first big convention experience. 

There are laughs-a-plenty! Give it a listen!

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Episode 37

In this mini-sode, Ryan, Justin, Matt and Special Guest prepare themselves for the last day of C2E2 and battle a mighty hang-over! Hear what their thoughts on the 2014 convention have been so far, and check back tomorrow for a more rounded discussion of all things C2E2!

Keep Writing!

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Episode 35

In this bountiful episode of The Write Idea Workshop, Ryan and Justin take a trip to the comic shop and talk about some of the books they pick up. Afterwards, the guys discuss the power of short stories, what to put in a library, and the hilarity of sleep deprivation is explored unintentionally!

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Episode 15

Writing Challenge Marathon

In this episode, Ryan and Justin discuss regionalism and Ryan's inability to remember who wrote "Of Mice and Men". Then our heroes kick things into gear with the first ever Writing Challenge Marathon, in which three writing challenges are drawn from a hat, completed within 10-15 minutes each, and then read and reviewed! Also, during the breaks for writing time, we've included some musical interludes to mirror the ones our heroes engaged their ear-holes in during the marathon.

Strap yourself in!

Keep Writing!

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