The Write Idea Workshop

Welcome to 2017!

AKA Alternate Universe Episode 93!

In this episode, Ryan, Theresa and Caleb discuss things for the new year such as resolutions, getting out of your own way creatively, and there's a poetry writing challenge completed in twenty minutes! You, dear listener, can follow along while listening to some musical samplings from:

1. The Front Bottoms - Help

2. He Was Eaten By Owls - We Shall Oscillate Like a Pendulum 

3. Grizzly Gato - Pork Belly 

4. Super Guitar Bros - Time's Scar (Chrono Cross)

5. Fresh - The Woods

6. Modern Baseball - Hours Outside in the Snow


Follow along and submit your twenty minute poems to:

We'll read them on the next episode! Promise!

Keep on writing!

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